In early 1994, a team of dedicated and experienced human resource practitioners formed I Plus Q Human Resources to assist multinational corporations, government-linked organisations and local companies in Singapore in their staff recruitment.

Today, the Internet and related technologies have dramatically changed the way we conduct our staff recruitment. Leveraging on these technologies, I Plus Q has joined the new-breed of Internet-driven search and selection consultancy firms, providing employers with a larger pool of talented candidates from which to select.

Although our recruitment methods have changed, we have not changed our company values. We remain committed to providing our clients and candidates with cost-effective, reliable, confidential and solution-driven services that match the best in the industry.

It is in these principles that we believe, and on which we practise our business. It is in our interests to provide a service of the utmost quality, thus building long-term relationships and ensuring repeat business.

I(nnovation) + Q(uality) = Customer Satisfaction